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What is psychotherapy?  People often ask me this question but it is a difficult question to answer simply due to the extensive variety of psycho-therapeutic approaches. In short, it is the process of using psychological concepts and methods to improve mental health and well-being.  


In my practice, I use elements from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Therapy to help adolescents and adults improve their mental health. Please see my resources page for helpful links regarding these practices.  


The application of these therapies has helped my clients develop awareness, understanding and insight of their mental and emotional experiences while also recognizing the impacts of potentially maladaptive behaviors.  


I understand that initiating therapeutic services can be an intimidating and overwhelming process but I strive to walk alongside my clients by introducing these concepts gradually. It takes enormous courage to explore challenging emotions and personal challenges, thus I truly appreciate when individuals reach out to start their mental health journey. In session, I put emphasis on offering a safe and judgment-free environment where people feel comfortable to share their vulnerability.  It is important for me to me to create personalized treatment plans that will foster my clients’ individual needs to optimize progress


Let me help you one step at a time!  


*Services provided in English or French 

Meditation and mindfulness practices have been shown to improve mental health by allowing individuals to develop awareness and insight. Evidence shows that meditation reduces anxiety, improves self-discipline, enhances memory/concentration, boosts self-confidence, promotes gratitude and much more.

Developing a meditation practice can be confusing, which is why I offer presentations upon request. In these workshops, I will teach you about the basic theory and exercises of meditation for up to 2 hours. Together we will talk about the many benefits while also learning realistic ways to make time for this practice at home. 


These customizable programs allow the meditations to be presented to any audience for a variety of purposes such team-building activities, wellness retreats or simply a group of friends eager to learn. These personalized meditations will be created to foster the needs of the group requesting this service, or an audio file can be recorded if preferred. 


Whether you are at the beginning of your zen journey or trying to strengthen your existing practice, let me guide your journey by adding a mental health twist to the practice of meditation. 

Visit my meditation website for more information!

I  welcome clients to self-refer by contacting me directly. Do not hesitate to use the contact tab to send me inquires or to schedule a first session. I also welcome referrals through various organizations, as I am a provider with Blue Cross,  Aspiria, Modern Health and more. I encourage you review your benefits coverage to further explore these options. 

My therapeutic services are reimbursable under most insurance providers where psychotherapy and psychology are covered. Please contact me directly to discuss hourly fees. 

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