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Event on
Mindful Emotions

This event is open to anyone curious to learn about the  role mindfulness plays in emotions and tolerating discomfort. 

No mindfulness experience necessary - I will guide you one step at a time!

WHEN - July 9th, 2022, 9am - 12pm

WHERE - Sacred Circles Yurt, Vars, Ottawa, ON

PRICE - $50 plus hst


Next date to be announced soon!


Learn how to

Feel your feels

Have you ever heard people say "emotions are valid" or "emotions  want to be felt"? If so, then you may be wondering why that is. 

Emotions are messengers, they are signals sent by the body to alert us and help us make sense of the world around us. They are here to guide us. However, they tend not to have the best reputation because they are difficult to manage. Some people even say they are negative and bad. I strongly disagree. With mindfulness we can learn to face them as they are by letting go of societal misconceptions we have regarding emotions. 

Join me to understand why all emotions are good, even the ones that feel unpleasant. Together, we will explore emotions such as joy, love, confusion and even fear. 

I intend for this event to feel light, playful and fun while also inviting you to explore mild unpleasant emotions.

Give yourself permission to feel and learn from the teachers coming from within.

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