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 I have extended my services to now allow qualifying psychotherapists to work under my supervision, with my guidance. 


I recall being a new therapist and the stress associated with starting a private practice - it was scary! Being a mental health care professional often means we build a strong community where we can grow from collaborating with trusted fellow colleagues.  

I have learned and improved significantly as a psychotherapist myself while working with wonderful supervisors over the years and I understand the power of this service. For this reason, in 2023, I will be providing supervision to qualifying therapists to help them understand process of building an alliance with integrity and passion while working closely with clients. 



I want to teach you how to approach the challenges and obstacles associated with this profession with confidence, knowledge and integrity with the hope that you will maintain a fulfilling career. 


I will be there to guide you along the way, through both the victories and the worries. Together, I will gradually teach you concepts, theories, practices and skills that will allow you to understand the interconnected components of being a psychotherapist. We will explore various ways to offer vulnerable clients an outline to organize their many thoughts and feelings

Every client is unique and it is important to create a strong alliance with everyone under our care and to support them in an authentic way. I want to help you develop your therapist style and identity!

Working virtually together we will meet on an agreed frequency where I will provide structure, answer any questions that you may have and offer a compassionate ear when needed. 

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