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Release, Heal.

A welcoming, diverse

& vibrant practice where

we explore vulnerability with

self-compassion and support

in a safe environment 

Take a few breaths with me

Meet Catherine 

I am the founder of Saha Psychotherapy. In my practice I help adults and adolescents who struggle with a variety of mental health concerns as well as poor emotion management.  


Explore Mindfulness With Me

Saha Psychotherapy encourages clients to explore their vulnerability with self-compassion and support in a safe environment.  Vulnerability is inevitable but is often perceived as a negative experience rather than an opportunity.

In session, we will take a non-judgmental stance and tune into thoughts and emotions that can feel unpleasant, but we will work together to change the relationship we have with our vulnerable side.


With guidance, clients will learn to grow and evolve on a psychological and emotional level by recognizing the power of exploring our vulnerability. Together we examine these emotions through a variety of CBT, DBT and mindfulness techniques.

My Specializations

In my practice I help individuals who struggle with a variety of mental health concerns as well as poor emotion management. 

Some of my specializations include:

+ Anxiety Disorders

+ Relationship Challenges

+ Depressive Disorders 

+ Anger Management 

+ First Responders/RCMP

+Trauma-sensitive Topics

+ Crisis Intervention

+ Identity Confusion

+ Veterans/Canadian Forces

Providing a safe space to grow and evolve

 Learn and practice mindful

self-compassion to promote emotional strength and resilience

Explore your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships in a safe and compassionate therapeutic environment

Learn about the connection between your mind and body via evidence-based practices. 

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Ready to make a change?

I can help.


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